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Plant-based food processing systems

The very highest quality requirements

Ensuring quality, continuity, and food safety is a decisive factor in the food processing industry. Those requirements are often even higher for the vegetarian market, especially when it concerns a blend of different fresh (organic) raw materials that need to be processed quickly with plant-based food handling equipment.

After all, consumers who buy vegetarian products, such as vegetarian meat or meat substitutes look very carefully at what they eat and how it is prepared. Topics like animal welfare and sustainable packaging are extremely important. For these and other reasons, plant-based food producers are generally subject to extra frequent and extra rigorous audits.

Cost efficiency becoming more important

At the same time, the pressure to produce cost-effectively is increasing at a rapid pace. In addition to the growth in product diversity, we are also seeing a strong increase in competitiveness.

Cost-effective production is therefore even more essential in every link of the supply chain. That calls for food handling systems that is cost-efficient on the one hand but makes no concessions whatsoever regarding quality on the other.



We have the capacity to guarantee the highest quality standards in the field of food safety. For example, we possess essential welding certifications in-house and we work according to the requirements of HACCP, EHEDG, and HDN.

What is more, we have extensive experience in the field of automatic cleaning: Cleaning In Place (CIP). The plant-based food processing system is cleaned entirely automatically, using either a hot or cold liquid.

Rock-solid project management

As most meat substitutes need to resemble their meat counterpart as closely as possible, their production processes are often the same as those for meat: from mixing and cooking to coating and deep-frying. RVS NON FERRO has more than earned its spurs in the field of meat handling equipment.

Moreover, our clever procurement policy means we are very strong in project management. By always striving for optimum results in co-creation with the client, we succeed in building plant-based food processing systems very efficiently in terms of cost, time, and energy.

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Applications Vegetarian


Mixing or blending raw materials such as powders and liquids.


Weighing raw materials for consistent results.


Automatic loading raw materials.


Precise dosing and maximum flexibility.


Temporary storage of raw materials for more efficiency and minimal loss.


Heating, warming up or pasteurizing raw materials and food products.


Cooling or freezing raw materials and food products.


Moving raw materials or food products.

Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

Quality is always mentioned in the same breath as safety. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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