Our exceptional track record.

Since 1962

What started out almost 60 years ago in a small forge has since grown into a household name in the food world, with activities at home and abroad.



Wim van Lieshout starts a small steel construction company. In those first years, his clients are mainly farmers from the surrounding area.



The company leaves the old forge and moves to the Groenendal, located on the Uden business park.


Employment of Egbèr

Egbèr Smits is hired as a construction bench fitter. It is the beginning of a flourishing career: he is now director/owner of SLB Group


Working with stainless steel

The demand for stainless steel is increasing. Because this needs to be processed separately from carbon steel, this operation is started up in a separate workshop.


Foundation of RVS NON FERRO

The activities are housed in two separate companies: Machinebouw Van Lieshout BV and RVS NON FERRO Wim van Lieshout BV.


Egbèr becomes Manager of RVS NON FERRO

On January 1, 1993, Egbèr is appointed Manager of RVS NON FERRO Wim van Lieshout. There are four people working at that time.


RVS NON FERRO moves on independently

Egbèr and his wife Jacqueline buy RVS NON FERRO Wim van Lieshout and separate the company from Machinebouw Van Lieshout. The plan is not to expand for the time being.


Relocation and name change

In spite of the 1995 plan not to grow, the workshop now has 20 employees. A good reason to move to new premises at Koperslagerstraat 4. Here the company continues as RVS NON FERRO.


Acquisition of RIJKERS Process Technology

RVS NON FERRO wants to offer more added value. This is one of the reasons why it takes over RIJKERS Procestechnologie from Veghel. All at once, twelve employees are added to the team.



The colleagues at RIJKERS Procestechnologie move from Veghel to Uden, to a new office has been added.


Extension of pre-processing hall

Against the economic climate, the growth of the company calls for expansion of the pre-treatment hall.


New assembly hall

The growth continues, still in challenging economic times. A new assembly hall is constructed for process installations and machines.


Foundation of SLB Group

The first steps towards a new organizational structure are made. The three subsidiaries RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS Procestechnologie and SLB Hightech each have their own focus within the new structure.


New ERP system

With the new ERP system, the new organization is ready for the future.


An ambitious future

The company has strong ambitions and expresses them. In 2021/2022, it aims to have a turnover of 10 million euros, which is necessary to continue to play a leading role.

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