Spiral oven and spiral cooker

For heating, roasting, cooking, smoking, and pasteurizing a diverse range of food products.

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Industrial spiral ovens and cookers

As an OEM, do you want to outsource the construction of spiral ovens or spiral ducts cost-efficiently to a partner you can trust? Or are you, as a food producer, looking for a food-safe and efficient spiral system for heating and cooking your products?

RVS NON FERRO manufactures different types of spiral systems for (further) food processing. We do this for progressive companies in the food processing industry: both OEMs and production companies. 

The industrial spiral ovens and spiral ducts we make are perfectly suited for intensive and lengthy production processes in which hygiene plays a major role. Think of cooking, baking, deep-frying, heating, and pasteurization of a variety of food products, such as meat and vegetarian products.

Spiraloven RVS NON FERRO

Short time-to-market

Our standard spiral oven and spiral duct provide you with an attractive alternative to the tailor-made food handling systems built on site.

These extremely compact systems have a modular design and are then transported 'ready to use'. In this way, we minimize the assembly time on your location, enabling you or your client to start production quicker.

Highest quality requirements

We are fully specialized in food handling equipment, which means we are able to guarantee the highest quality standards in food safety. It's no coincidence that we have been a trusted name in the food processing industry for so many years.

Rock-solid project management

We make a real difference through value engineering and streamlined project management. This results in:

  • Added cost efficiency
  • Short lead times
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Guaranteed quality.

Furthermore, we're happy to share our ideas with you on increasing the margin between your cost price and your selling price.

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Featured case

Finnish food producer

For a food producer from Finland, we developed several spiral cookers as spiral coolers. A mega project in which RVS NON FERRO once again proved that it mastered the entire process, from engineering to installation, like no other.

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Applications Spiral Oven


Moving raw materials or food products.


Heating, warming up or pasteurizing raw materials and food products.


Decrease the water content from raw materials or food products.


Cooking or preserving food products.

Spiral systems for further food processing

We produce spiral ovens and spiral ducts especially for food processing companies: from compact industrial spiral ovens and spiral ducts with options (RVS NON FERRO equipment) to fully customized systems (project-based).

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Industrial Spiral Oven

Spiral ovens and spiral tubes are made of stainless steel, fully welded and delivered with a very high finish according to the desired hygiene standards.

Specifications and options:

  • Footprint: compact and very effective
  • Floors: 12, 18 or 22
  • Transport:
    • Various types of tires
    • 400 mm or 600 mm wide
    • Optional side guards
    • Optional "tangential belt" for placing delicate products
  • Loading: import and export belts
  • Cooling: various options for evaporator possible
  • Automatic cleaning: CIP system
  • Drive: "Direct drive" system, financially attractive and very stable
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Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

Quality is always mentioned in the same breath as safety. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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