Tunnel freezer

For freezing products such as fruit, vegetables and small meat or vegetarian products.

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Linear tunnel systems for (re-)chilling and freezing of food products

As an OEM, are you looking for a partner you can count on for the cost-efficient construction of your tunnel cooler or tunnel freezer? Or are you, as a food producer, in search of an efficient and food-safe tunnel system for chilling or freezing food products?

RVS NON FERRO manufactures various types of tunnel systems for (further) food processing. We build these food handling systems for progressive companies in the food processing industry: OEMs and manufacturing companies. 

Individual quick freezers, also known as IQFs, are ideal for freezing products such as fruit, vegetables and small meat or vegetarian food products. These tunnel coolers and tunnel freezers are characterized by their compact design, high efficiency and easy maintenance.

tunnel freezer

Highest quality requirements

Thanks to our specialism in food handling equipment, we are able to guarantee the highest quality standards in the field of food safety. We have been building a reputation in the food processing industry for many years: from vegetarian foods and meat to agricultural products and dairy.

Rock-solid project management

We make a real difference through value engineering and streamlined project management. This results in:

  • Added cost efficiency
  • Short lead times
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Guaranteed quality.

Furthermore, we're happy to share our ideas with you on increasing the margin between your cost price and your selling price.

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Applications Tunnel Freezer


Moving raw materials or food products.


Cooling or freezing raw materials and food products.

Tunnel Freezer

We produce tunnel coolers and tunnel freezers especially for the food processing industry: from standard systems with options (RVS NON FERRO equipment) to equipment that is fully tailored to your specific production process (project-based).

Tunnel coolers and tunnel freezers are made of stainless steel, completely welded and with a very high finish. Naturally according to the desired hygiene standards.

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Tunnel Cooler

Specifications and options:

  • Loading: import and export belts
  • Transport: various types of conveyor belts
  • Automatic cleaning: CIP system
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Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

Quality is always mentioned in the same breath as safety. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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