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Bread handling systems

New developments, high demands

All kinds of new developments are taking place in the world of bread and pastries. We see that economies of scale lead to increasing demand for bread handling equipment. But we can see at the same time that these bread handling systems should not take up much (extra) space.

In the meantime, the requirements for quality, continuity, and food safety are only becoming more stringent. After all, bread and pastries are delicate products and hygiene plays an important role in their production. Especially when other sensitive products are used, such as milk and other dairy products. RVS NONFERRO has already earned its spurs in the field of dairy handling equipment.

Cost-efficiency is important

Within that interplay of factors, cost efficiency also remains a key factor. From the viewpoint of competitiveness, but also because consumers simply demand it.

This requires bread handling equipment that is cost-efficient, without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.


Everything according to the strictest quality standards

HACCP, EHEDG and HDN are standard practices at RVS NON FERRO. We also have all the essential welding certifications. And when it comes to automatic cleaning (Cleaning In Place), we can draw from experience.

This means working according to the strictest quality standards from start to finish in every project. We can't do otherwise and wouldn't want to.

Rock-solid project management

But high-quality and cost-efficient production of bread handling equipment requires something more: smart project management. Over the years, we have developed a highly efficient approach that makes the manufacturing process of food handling systems very cost-, time- and energy-efficient.

Moreover, we purchase smartly and prefer to work in co-creation with the client. It's the only way to achieve the highest product standards together.

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Applications Bread and Pastry


Mixing or blending raw materials such as powders and liquids.


Weighing raw materials for consistent results.


Automatic loading raw materials.


Precise dosing and maximum flexibility.


Temporary storage of raw materials for more efficiency and minimal loss.


Heating, warming up or pasteurizing raw materials and food products.


Cooling or freezing raw materials and food products.


Moving raw materials or food products.

Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

Quality is always mentioned in the same breath as safety. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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