Food handling systems

An overview of food handling systems we manufacture for both OEMs and food producers.

Food handling: 40 years of knowledge and expertise

RVS NON FERRO has 40 years of specialist experience in the development, production, and optimization of food handling systems. In a market that sets ever-stricter demands, we are the leading partner with the knowledge, capacity, and mentality to keep your business moving forward.

As an OEM, do you want to outsource the construction of your food handling systems cost-efficiently to a partner you can trust? Or are you, as a food producer, looking for a food-safe food handling system for your production line? Over the years we have built up an excellent track record in the production of food handling systems for various markets in the food processing industry. For example, think of meat handling equipment, fruit handling equipment, bread handling equipment or dairy handling equipment.

Are the specific food handling systems you are looking for not listed below? Please feel free to contact us. Our food handling experts are happy to think along with you.

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