Challenging assembly project for dairy processor

Thorough planning proves essential

Extreme precision, well thought-out preparation and a tight schedule: all these spearheads of RVS NON FERRO came together at the beginning of December for a challenging assembly project. In just sixteen hours, two teams of twelve employees finished the complete conversion of a D983 dust cabinet into a new bag filter.

After completing the project successfully, the customer, a large milk processor, was able to resume production within the set deadline.

Earlier this year, RVS NON FERRO produced the new bag filter; a silo with a 5.5 meter diameter and a height of 14 meters. Last summer we installed the bag filter in a completely new building on the client's production plant. This was followed by the preparatory work for the assembly, such as installing a drying cabinet, air supply ducts, stairs, landings and piping. Most of these elements were also produced at RVS NON FERRO.

Streamlined processes

To ensure that all existing and new supply ducts and piping were exactly matched to the new bag filter and drying cabinet, RVS NON FERRO carefully mapped out all connections beforehand. Everything measured to the millimeter so that all parts would fit perfectly; that was our challenge in the engineering phase. It was an essential step in ensuring the conversion would go without a hitch, especially because there were no drawings available of the existing piping. All processes need be discussed, documented and streamlined in advance to exclude any risk. This also applies to our LMRA and HSE plan to guarantee safety. There is simply no room for error.

Bagfilter melkverwerker

Assembly according to plan

The final conversion was carried out in early December. This involved shutting down the entire production for sixteen hours, while a lorry containing 20,000 liters of milk would normally arrive every five minutes. You simply don't have a minute to waste, and so everything has to go exactly according to plan. That's why we broke down the whole process well in advance into sections of 15 minutes. The plan was discussed several times with the client, and eventually approved with all confidence in RVS NON FERRO.

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