The dairy industry holds very few secrets from us.

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Handling systems for dairy and milk constituents, such as whey and lactose

Delicate products, high-quality processes

Particularly high demands are placed on the dairy industry. Rightly so, because these are very delicate products that can pose enormous health risks if anything goes wrong during the production process.

The production and finishing of handling systems are therefore subject to the strictest quality requirements. Nothing whatsoever can be left to chance.

Cost efficiency is also important

At the same time, the market imposes other requirements on products with dairy components (lactic acid, whey, lactose), for instance in terms of cost efficiency. This holds true from a competition point of view, but also because consumers simply demand it from the market.

Consequently, the food processing systems not only need to be manufactured cost-effectively, but all production processes must also meet strict quality and safety requirements.

That's where RVS NON FERRO comes in

Quality and safety above all else

It goes without saying that we work entirely in accordance with the standards of HACCP, EHEDG and HDN. In addition, we have the essential welding certifications in house. And when it comes to automatic cleaning (Cleaning In Place), we can speak from experience.

We can safely say that quality and safety really take precedence over everything else. We can't do otherwise and wouldn't want to.

Rock-solid project management

Over the course of many years, we have specialized more in smart project management. As a result, we have developed a highly efficient approach and can build machines very cost-, time- and energy-efficiently.

Moreover, because we purchase smartly and work in co-creation with the client wherever possible, we achieve the best results every time. No matter how high the bar is set.

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Applications Dairy


Mixing or blending raw materials such as powders and liquids.


Weighing raw materials for consistent results.


Automatic loading raw materials.


Precise dosing and maximum flexibility.


Temporary storage of raw materials for more efficiency and minimal loss.


Heating, warming up or pasteurizing raw materials and food products.


Cooling or freezing raw materials and food products.


Moving raw materials or food products.

Quality and safety:
Not a manual, but a mentality

Quality is always mentioned in the same breath as safety. Together they form the foundation of our company and the systems we develop.

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