Welding specialists certified for NEN-EN-ISO 9606-1 and ASME IX

Doubling the number of highly qualified welders

Egbèr Smits

Nine specialized welders have successfully obtained or renewed their NEN-EN-ISO 9606-1 and ASME section IX welding certificates. This means we have doubled the number of highly qualified welders within our organization, enabling us to utilize our welding expertise even better for the most demanding customers.

Welding coordinator Patrick van Asperen supervised and supported the team of welders in their preparations to attain the ISO and ASME standards. “We opted for this double certification in order to be able to deliver worldwide,” Patrick explains. “Because our customers also demand ASME-certified welders, including for the North American market and the offshore industry.”

Guaranteed quality

By obtaining the NEN-EN-ISO 9606-1 and ASME IX certificates, we guarantee the welding of piping and tanks under quality marks such as ASME and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). This includes piping with a pressure from 0.5 to 50 bar. Patrick: “Not only do customers in the petrochemical industry, where pipes and tanks often come under enormous pressure, demand that the welds have a guaranteed quality, but also customers in the food industry . We have the right welders and welding qualifications in house for all these jobs, and we even guarantee the quality further by working according to the EN-ISO 3834-2.”

High-quality welding

The (re)certification exams were taken in our own production facility and assessed by an examiner from DNV GL. “The fact that all nine of our welders passed is a fantastic achievement, everything exactly by the book,” Patrick says. "Having the certificates demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality welding work that meets all requirements. And it lets our customers know that we meet the level they have come to expect from us.”

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