NEN-EN-ISO 3834 and NEN-EN 1090 certification

Double accomplishment for RVS NON FERRO

Egbèr Smits

A double accomplishment for RVS NON FERRO. Our company obtained two prominent certifications in December: NEN-EN-ISO 3834 and NEN-EN 1090. The first certificate confirms the quality assurance for the fusion welding of metallic materials, the second underlines the quality of the steel and aluminum structures manufactured by RVS NON FERRO

The demand for qualified organizations has increased. In order to give our clients this quality assurance and to demonstrate our reliability, RVS NON FERRO decided to start the certification process for NEN-EN-ISO 3834 in 2019. We should note here that we were already NEN-EN-ISO 3834 certified. Because of our clients’ nominal demand to have this qualification, as well as the significant inspection costs involved, we chose to let this certification expire. But we always continued to work according to this standard.

Small step to NEN-EN 1090

At the beginning of last year, we began with the certification process, where we decided to become certified for NEN-EN 1090 in addition to NEN-EN-ISO 3834. Both standards overlap to some extent, so it wasn't such a huge step. After an intensive period of research into both standards and, where necessary, the implementation of relevant updates, a one-day audit followed in December. This included interviews with staff and inspections on projects and on how the procedures were applied in practice. 

Confirmation of our commitment to quality

RVS NON FERRO obtained the certifications with an excellent rating. A real compliment to our employees and a confirmation of our commitment to quality. The auditor of TÜV Netherlands was impressed with the organization and was full of praise about our working methods and the quality of the products in the workshop. Both certificates are valid for two years. An interim inspection will take place during that period, in which we need to demonstrate that we still meet all the requirements.

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