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Parent company SLB Group is the first Dutch company with HDN-certified welders and engineers

Hein van de Wetering
Commercial Manager

Following in the footsteps of some of our welders, a number of engineers have now also obtained HDN certification. This means that they meet the strictest food safety requirements. And the SLB GROUP is the first company in the Netherlands to have HDN-certified welders as well as engineers. By applying the same HDN requirements throughout our organization, clients can be assured that we deliver food-safe equipment and machines in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Hygienic Design Network (HDN) is a national platform of major manufacturers, suppliers and leading institutions within the food industry. The SLB GROUP is also affiliated to this platform through its subsidiaries RVS NON FERRO and RIJKERS. The participating parties have a clear objective: to guarantee food safety, now and in the future. One of the most important measures is to guarantee the applicable European standards and guidelines for the design and construction of machinery and process equipment in the food sector.

More stringent requirements for food-safe equipment

Since 2016, HDN has been providing training courses to certify welders according to stricter requirements. After all, according to all parties in the HDN platform, the applicable NEN-EN-ISO 5817 standard isn't strict enough to guarantee food safety. This is why the platform sets its own additional welding requirements, on top of the European regulations. For example to prevent cleaning agents from being left behind in the pipes during purging.

Successful certification program

Welding specialists from SLB GROUP were among the first to be successfully certified. This is conformation that our pipe welds meet the HDN standard and the additional requirements associated with it. Starting this year, HDN is offering similar certification programs for designers and constructors. Now that part of our engineering team is HDN certified, we are taking the right steps already in the design phase to ensure optimal food safety. And our organization is leading the way in this area.

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Hein van de Wetering
Commercial Manager

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