Certification cunifer welding

RVS NON FERRO has a new welding certification

In order to provide our clients with the best possible service, at RVS NON FERRO we stand for broad employability and high professional competence of our employees. That is why this spring, we started a process for the NEN-EN-ISO 15614-6 and NEN-EN-ISO 9606-3 certifications for welding copper-nickel alloys. These qualifications were awarded with honours in early May. In order to be able to apply this welding expertise worldwide, we simultaneously obtained ASME IX certification.

A new order was the reason for the welding certification course at RVS NON FERRO. "We received a request for welding cunifer, which gets its name from the main elements it is made up of: copper, nickel and iron. Because of its high corrosion resistance, this material is specifically used in systems that come into contact with brackish water and seawater. This would include marine and offshore applications," explains production manager Henk van der Veen of RVS NON FERRO.

Cunifer welding

“It’s a tricky material to weld, always with a risk of porosity. It is therefore important to follow a set procedure. Although we already have a lot of experience with this, it had not yet been confirmed with a certification. So it was a logical choice to go for a certification process. At the same time, these certificates allow us to guarantee the quality of the work we deliver for other clients as well."

One of the few companies in the Netherlands

The welding of cunifer falls under the qualification NEN-EN-ISO 15614-6. Elektrolas Welding Technology did the inspection test, supervised by Lloyds. "Now that the welding tests have been reviewed and approved by Element, we are in compliance with NEN-EN-ISO 9606-3, NEN-EN-ISO 15614-6 and ASME IX qualifications," says Henk. “We are proud of that. What's even better is that this makes us one of the few companies in the Netherlands with these qualifications and being permitted to carry out this specific welding work."

Cunifer welding

Variation and challenge

Now that the welding certifications have been obtained, RVS NON FERRO is already working on the next steps. Henk: "Our first welder is now certified for cunifer. We are currently offering more colleagues the chance to obtain this welding qualification. This way, we embed our specialist knowledge and can serve our customers even faster."

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The company is also taking steps in the field of aluminium welding. “We have obtained the welding method qualification LMK/WPQR for aluminium welding quite some time ago. However, we need to recertify more welders," Henk says.

According to the production manager, it is also good for the employees if there are several certified welders on the shop floor. "This way, the repetitive work can be assigned to more than one person, and the pressure is not always on the same employee. Colleagues are also given the opportunity of further development within RVS NON FERRO and to take on assignments that are even more challenging."

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