About us

RVS NON FERRO was founded in 1963. It is part of the SLB GROUP, a family business with an international scope. RVS NON FERRO is known for its reliable solutions made of stainless steel. We specialise in turnkey machines for your OEM organisation. We set ourselves apart with our knowledge, expertise and flexibility.

Proactive approach
Having years of experience is great, but a comprehensive organisational structure is just as important. With this combination we can guarantee our quality, the reliability of our deliveries and our proactive approach. We take care of every aspect of the chain management: from engineering and production to assembly and service.

Specialist in machine manufacture

As a specialist in machine and frame manufacturing, RVS NON FERRO is a reliable partner to a wide range of clients in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. They collaborate with us because of our excellent process management and our solution-oriented attitude. Do you want to experience our added value for yourself? Let us handle the engineering or reengineering of your machinery. We can increase the margin between your cost and sale prices with ingenious optimisations.

We make a difference in the following ways:

  • Thorough project supervision, rigid organisation and process management;
  • Solution-oriented attitude;
  • Third-party equipment and value engineering;
  • Strong focus on education and development;
  • Safeguarding quality and safety;
  • Thinking along and innovating as we optimise machinery;
  • Professionals with a passion for stainless steel;
  • Welding specialists;
  • Food safety specialists;
  • Building and designing electrotechnical installations.

Egbèr Smits
E. e.smits@slb-group.nl 
T. +31 (0)6 - 53 41 69 02

Henk van den Beuken
E. h.vd.beuken@slb-group.nl
T. +31 (0)6 - 14 53 16 29

Pieter van der Ven
Commercial manager
E. p.vd.ven@rvsnonferro.nl 
T. +31 (0)6 - 51 27 69 92

Mark Wolbertus
Supply Chain Manager
E. m.wolbertus@slb-group.nl
T. +31 (0)6 - 53 41 87 30

Hans van Geffen
HKZ and VGM coordinator
E. h.v.geffen@rvsnonferro.nl 
T. +31 (0)6 - 55 79 38 52

Guus Tonies
E. expeditie@slb-group.nl 

Our clients

RVS NON FERRO collaborates with international OEM organisations in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. These are leading industries in which safety and hygiene are primary concerns. In order to improve your market position, we design, build and optimise your machinery, frames and components; from spiral freezers, screw loaders, heat exchangers and process tanks to other reliable solutions for your production line.

Ingenious custom solutions
You want to focus on your core business. RVS NON FERRO lets you do just that by taking entire projects out of your hands. As an extension of your organisation, we produce machinery and frames that seamlessly fit into your processes. We offer financially sound solutions with a focus on continuity and safety. Quality and cost efficiency go hand in hand. That is why we combine the in-house application of specialised techniques with clever outsourcing to professional partners in low-wage countries.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to build and optimise machinery and equipment for OEM organisations, mainly in the food industry. We realise ingenious custom solutions based on existing technology. Our focus on the smallest details leads to major improvements. In the process we make innovative world-class parties even better. People make the difference in our organisation. Reliability, passion, expertise and training are the pillars upon which our company is built. We strive to develop sustainable relationships with both our employees and our clients. RVS NON FERRO is a typical family business with an international scope.

Food is vitally important, especially given the rapid growth rate of the world’s population. RVS NON FERRO contributes to smart technological solutions for the food industry. By combining expertise, cost awareness and flexibility we contribute to the Netherlands’ and Germany’s efforts to maintain and improve their position as two of the world’s top countries in the agro-industrial and food industries. The full partnership of the OEM organisation is a crucial aspect in this context. In this way we help our partners improve and further expand their market position.

About the SLB GROUP

The SLB GROUP – with its subsidiaries RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS and SLB HIGHTECH – develops and manufactures machinery and installations, mainly for the food and dairy industries. Our goal is to contribute to smart technological solutions in food, water and the environment. We strive to develop sustainable long-term relationships with both clients and employees. Our subsidiaries operate as independent business units and utilise a single joint production, assembly and installation unit. As a group, we have lofty growth ambitions.

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Certifications, qualifications and competences

RVS NON FERRO’s unique expertise is combined with a wide range of technical qualifications, competences and business certifications.

  • Advanced ERP system and 3D CAD software;
  • Various business certifications, including NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008, VGM control system certification VCA**, EN-288 and EN 3834-2;
  • Extensive welding qualifications, including NEN-EN-ISO 9606-1-, HDN and ASME IX certifications;
  • Member of the Hygienic Design Network;
  • Our methods meet the highest hygiene standards of the General Food Law;
  • Fully equipped, modern machinery for plate and pipe processing.

RVS NON FERRO is part of the SLB GROUP. The organisations in this group operate at the heart of the Dutch agro-industrial and food industries. These are the fields in which our country holds an international top position.

Fact and figures about the Dutch food industry:

+++ the world’s second-largest exporter of agro-industrial and food products, after the US +++

+++ the world’s third-largest exporter of machinery for the food industry +++

+++ the world’s second-largest exporter of dairy products +++

+++ 20% of the country’s GDP is earned in the agroindustrial and food industries +++

+++ the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery for chicken slaughterhouses +++