Management change at SLB GROUP

In late June, Henk van den Beuken was appointed as the new director of SLB GROUP, the parent company of RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS and SLB HIGHTECH. He will be taking over from former operational director René van der Putten, who accepted a new challenge outside the Uden-based organisation.


Henk van den Beuken (58) will bring a wealth of experience with him to SLB GROUP. He supervised change processes in various (interim) management positions, mainly at globally operating technological organisations. At SLB GROUP, he will primarily be running the RVS NON FERRO and RIJKERS business units. Furthermore, Henk and general director Egbèr Smits will be responsible for the company's strategic management in order to elevate the organisation to an even higher level. “The organisational structure at SLB GROUP, with RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS and SLB HIGHTECH as independent business units, is relatively new,” Henk van den Beuken explains. “Combined with the path we have chosen, which involves a stronger focus on the realisation of systems and installations and taking matters out of our clients’ hands, this calls for a different approach. The market is rife with opportunities that match our growth objectives, and I am eager to contribute to the realisation of these goals.”


Full service

The newly minted director is impressed by what he has seen of SLB GROUP so far. “I will use the first few months to familiarise myself with the technical products. That means observing, attending meetings and – above all – asking lots of questions. I have already learned that I am working with a great team that delivers high-quality products and knows how to market these. I already feel right at home here. SLB GROUP only strives for the highest quality. Everything must be perfect. That mindset matches my own.”


Ready for the future SLB GROUP has never been vague about its ambitions for the future. Due to the increased scope of its projects, organisational growth – both in terms of revenue and staff – is the perfect way to prepare for the future. “More and more often, we operate as an extension of our clients’ organisations,” says general director Egbèr Smits. “We think along proactively, manage projects ourselves, bring in external parties with the right expertise and guarantee clear and transparent communication. We do whatever we can to help our clients.” According to Smits, the company's objectives are within reach. “Our ambitions do not stop there, however. We will always continue to develop our organisation. Now that we have Henk van den Beuken on our team, we are ready to take on the future.”

RVS NON FERRO is part of the SLB GROUP. The organisations in this group operate at the heart of the Dutch agro-industrial and food industries. These are the fields in which our country holds an international top position.

Fact and figures about the Dutch food industry:

+++ the world’s second-largest exporter of agro-industrial and food products, after the US +++

+++ the world’s third-largest exporter of machinery for the food industry +++

+++ the world’s second-largest exporter of dairy products +++

+++ 20% of the country’s GDP is earned in the agroindustrial and food industries +++

+++ the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery for chicken slaughterhouses +++