RVS NON FERRO specialises in machine and frame manufacturing for OEM organisations. We design and manufacture ingenious solutions for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Part of SLB

the machine manufacturer of the SLB GROUP

The professionals at RVS NON FERRO strive to make innovative players in leading industries even better with the help of ingenious technological solutions. Our attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. As a complete machine manufacturer, we can take care of the entire development and engineering process of your machinery. We focus extensively on the improvement and optimisation of machinery. By constantly thinking along and innovating, we are a reliable extension of your organisation.

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The services we provide

We design and build both complete machines and components that fit seamlessly within your specific production line. We specialise in turnkey projects. We take care of the entire supply chain, from development and engineering to production and assembly. In this way, we operate as a partner for demanding OEM organisations in critical industries.


RVS NON FERRO realises challenging projects for international OEM organisations, mainly in the food industry. We engineer, manufacture and assemble machinery and frames that are used in industries all over the world.

We design and build complete machines and components for clients in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries: from food processing equipment such as spiral freezers, screw conveyors, heat exchangers and processing tanks to other reliable solutions for your production line. Thinking along and innovating are our primary concerns. In this way, we contribute to solidifying your market position.

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Project team as a foundation for model installation

Chromalloy uses a patented coating principle to apply aluminium coating to crucial engine parts for the aviation industry. This is done using an A12-coating installation. For the Chromalloy location in Tilburg we realised the entire transport system and all parts of the new A12-coating installation, from design to realisation. 

Taking on challenges for our clients

The design and manufacture of spiral freezers for various OEM organisations is one of the specialties of RVS NON FERRO. Together with RIJKERS, we take care of the entire process, from engineering to installation. 
New RVS NON FERRO website launched

Here it is: RVS NON FERRO’s new website is online.

SLB GROUP leads the way with its food safety certifications

Like some of our welders, several engineers have now also acquired their HDN certification. This means they meet the strictest requirements for food safety.

RVS NON FERRO is part of the SLB GROUP. The organisations in this group operate at the heart of the Dutch agro-industrial and food industries. These are the fields in which our country holds an international top position.

Fact and figures about the Dutch food industry:

+++ the world’s second-largest exporter of agro-industrial and food products, after the US +++

+++ the world’s third-largest exporter of machinery for the food industry +++

+++ the world’s second-largest exporter of dairy products +++

+++ 20% of the country’s GDP is earned in the agroindustrial and food industries +++

+++ the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery for chicken slaughterhouses +++